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Here at Walsh, we strive to make our products last but more importantly, to make our products sustainable. We are proud to manufacture in the UK and aim to ensure that our production methods allow for positive impacts on the environment. 

Our Values:

We are proud to be based in the UK and take immense honour in being one of the very few remaining British footwear manufacturers. We strive to provide as many UK job opportunities as possible within our production line, aiming to grow the UK footwear industry. 


We aim to ensure that waste is kept to a minimum throughout our production line. 

Any off cuts of materials are reused in our production where possible. Any materials that we cannot use we try to recycle or, upcycle to local schools and colleges for their arts department. 

We use recyclable or reusable product packaging to limit the waste once our products are out of our doors. 


We try to source as locally as possible to minimise environment impacts of transportation! We also ask our suppliers some key details including their use of child labour.  




Carbon Neutral 


At Walsh we are always looking to develop and improve. We are aiming to source even more of our raw materials from the UK.

We are aiming to change our product packaging to be used from recycled materials. 










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