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Considered to be one of, if not the most iconic 'symbols' of Britain, the Queens Royal Guard are instantly recognized by their tall bear skin hats and eye catching, bright and memorable uniforms.

The origins and usage of this cloth can be followed as far back a 1815 with the Battle of Waterloo where British and allied forces clashed with the Napoleonic French army to deal them a 'good pasting'.

The 'Thin Red Line' of troops at the battle of Waterloo was Red thanks to the striking scarlet cloth produced by Hainsworth to uniform the soldiers.

There is no doubt that the British soldiers were an impressive sight on the battlefield adorned in the scarlet Hainsworth cloth, and the same pride in the production of this distinctive fabric is still put into production today that provides the nations iconic look.

Challenger Royal Guard in Hainsworth scarlet cloth is available online now!

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