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New Glory - Blue Red

New Glory - Blue Red

The NEW GLORY, an esteemed product by Norman, exemplified the brand’s commitment to excellence. Unveiled in the early 1980s, this revamp of the original design showcased significant enhancements. Specifically tailored for road training and racing, The NEW GLORY boasted a lightweight construction and incorporated a breathable mesh, ensuring optimal ventilation. Moreover, meticulous attention was given to stability, with reinforced support in both the heel and toe. To accommodate less favourable weather conditions or for light trail and dry fell use, Norman offered the option of a Gortex upper on select orders. This variant aimed to enhance performance even under challenging circumstances, delivering the utmost quality expected from Norman’s distinguished collection.


Upper Materials: Suede, Leather, Nubuck. Lining: Fabric. Outsole: Rubber.

Colours: Blue, Red.



The New Glory, was one of Normans premium offerings. First released in the early 1980's, it was a reworked and improved design of its original production. The New Glory was a lightweight road training and racing shoe that used a breathable mesh for ventilation. It was also designed to have a great stability support in both the heel and toe.

Please note, this is the origin of the original product model and does not represent current functionality.  

£155.00 Regular Price
£105.00Sale Price
Colour: Blue


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