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We recommend that fell shoes be cleaned as soon as possible after use to avoid damage and prolong effective lifespan.

Use a hard bristle brush and cold water to remove built up dirt and debris and allow to dry naturally.

Do not allow to dry in direct sunlight or with direct heat, e.g. on radiators.

Do not machine wash or tumble dry.

Fell Shoes

To prolong the life of your leather shoes, we recommend using a leather conditioner to keep the leather soft and a natural, neutral cream, wax or polish if you wish to keep the shine.

Scuffs can be fixed with coloured creams or dyes.

Regular brushing using a soft bristle brush will keep the leather surface clean.

Leather Care

It is important to brush suede frequently using a soft brass brush or, hard bristle brush to remove any contaminants.

Hard stains can be removed with a suede rubber or cleaner.

To protect suede from the elements, we recommend using a waterproofing spray.

Avoid getting suede wet and dirty.


Cleaning fabrics such as nylon/polyester and PVC can easily be achieved using a cloth and soapy water to remove dirt.

For fabrics such as cotton or wool, we recommend using a soft bristle brush to remove any dirt.

To protect fabrics, we recommend using a waterproofing spray.



- When cleaning, stuffing shoes with paper/rags or a shoe tree helps 'open' materials up for better results.

- Protection spray is a great way to keep shoes looking box fresh.

- Midsoles can be cleaned with a midsole cleaner or warm soapy water. Darker midsoles may also be 'cleaned' with fine grit non-marking sand paper.

- Suede may transfer onto other clothing.

- Never machine wash or tumble dry shoes.

- Never dry in direct sunlight.

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