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Tornado Eight3 - Blue Grey White Flo

Tornado Eight3 - Blue Grey White Flo



Upper Materials: Polyester, Suede, PVC. Lining: Fabric. Outsole: EVA.

Colours: Blue Grey White Flo


*Disclaimer: Please note this product is a factory sample and may vary slightly from product photographs/stocked items or may not be stocked all together. This product may have a visual flaw that does not affect the performance or quality of the shoe.

Norman Walsh developed the Tornado in 1983 due to the demanding market of athletes competing in major marathons and races across the globe, most notably the 1983 London Marathon. The shoe featured an ultra-lightweight upper, grounded to the nip-tooth outsole with extra EVA cushioning in the midsole to combat the strenuous use and provide extra comfort.

Please note, this is the origin of the original product model and does not represent current functionality.  

£85.00 Regular Price
£50.00Sale Price


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