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"I am easily satisfied with the very best" -Winston Churchill

Founded in 1772 and credited as the original creators of Flannel, Fox Brothers are synonymous for their superior quality and heritage with a customer clientele of politicians, celebrities and Royals alike throughout their extensive history, notably Winston Churchill, Cary Grant and the 'King of cool' Steve McQueen are among the most well known patrons of Fox Flannel.

Fox Brothers have been supplying luxury woolen cloth to London's historic Saville Row tailors, the military and exclusive fashion designers for nearly 250 years. To this day Fox Brothers continue to produce in the beautiful rural surroundings of Somerset, in the West of England.


In 1936, Fox Brothers chalk stripe cloth was selected by Sir Winston Churchill to be made into one of the most iconic suits ever. Tailored by Henry Poole and Co. the suit played an important role along side the 'V' sign throwing, cigar smoking 'British Bulldog' 's appearance.

Unlike pin stripe which is a single warp yarn used to create a line of pin pricks, chalk stripe is... you guessed it!, characterized by its long stripes created from multiple warp yarns so that it resemble that of tailors chalk markings.

Winston Churchill has since become regarded as one of the most important and influential people in British history and a quintessential symbol of Britain.


The Seoul '88 in Fox Brothers chalk stripe flannel is available to Pre-Order from the online store now!

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