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60 Years in the Making

Norman Walsh 60 Year Anniversary

This year Norman Walsh celebrate 60 years of British manufacturing, 60 years of British design and 60 years of British ownership. Standing strong as a recognised traditional British manufacture of footwear and a quintessentially iconic brand since 1961.

To commemorate the longevity and importance of this milestone of continuous manufacturing in the UK, Walsh has created a 2021 collection to truly capture the essence of the brand over its’ existence. Tastefully expanding on previous releases with new colourways and styles.

To distinguish the new collection, the branding has had an upgrade to celebrate the occasion, creating an elegant finish to the brands existing wealth of history and products.

From shoe boxes to internal packing and labels, they have all been reimagined in a black, white and gold colour scheme.

A recurring theme of a topographical map of Bolton and it’s surrounding landscape can be seen featured across many of the branding articles.

Several new styles have also been revived and created to further celebrate the year; the Tempest, European, Elect, Tokyo-Hi and the Tornado Eight3.

The Tempest is an original creation from Walsh. This brand-new introduction echoes the 60 years of proud British heritage within the brand, capturing the finesse and skill of the craftsman, presenting an elegant silhouette suitable for any occasion.

The European was a favourite and iconic style of the 90’s, originally created as a road and trail shoe famed for its comfort and versatility. For its returning debut, the European is available in the Spring Summer 2021 range in the same primary three colours that Norman Walsh used across many of his models.

This year will see the Walsh 2021 Collection displayed on the Norman Walsh site and across a range of stockists, including exclusive collaborations with a range of brands.

Walsh x Herring Shoes includes a range of designs to create a British Made Trainer Collection for the brand. All in unique, custom created colourways, it is an eye-catching production.

Sold solely through Herring Shoes.

Walsh x Label/Mix has seen a bright and wonderful take on the Tornado and a classic white staple of the Horwich be created.

"A retro yet timeless footwear staple for running errands or styling with your favourite dress for a laid-back look season after season."

Exclusively available at Next.

Walsh 2021 Collection available online, in-store and at selected stockists.


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