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Naomi Ogbeta and Kevin Metzger, both British Athletes in the Triple Jump, came down to visit us at the Norman Walsh factory last month.

Here, they looked into how our New Stock of Tornado were made on our Production Line and the history behind this popular design.

Our Tornado line was created back in 1983! Originally designed for athletes competing in marathons and races across the world.

Naomi is the four-time British Champion and Under 23 British Record Holder. Her personal best currently holds her as the Third Best Female Triple Jumper. She also holds winning titles in the British Championships and was a finalist at the European Senior Championships in Berlin.

Kevin also secured success from a young age, soaring into the Top of UK rankings at the young age of 14. In January, Kevin also scored Silver at the Northern Indoor Championships.

We were thrilled to have these two come down and get involved in British Sportswear Manufacturing. Allowing Norman Walsh to continue to show our support for our UK athletes, which dates back to our 1960's heritage.

Both have begun their YouTube channel over at ‘Leaps and Laughs’, to help out inspiring young athletes making the progression towards senior ranks.

We cannot wait to see what they have in store for our Tornado > Watch Now

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