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A Visit with Style&Stylus

We were recently visited at Norman Walsh by Men’s Fashion and Lifestyle Blogger Rashpal Amrit, creator of Style & Stylus.

On this visit, the Team were able to show him our wealth of British History, our traditional hand-made techniques and our whole process as a British Manufacture in today’s day and age.

Following his passion for fashion in 2014, Rashpal has developed his blog into a fully-fledged fashion stop for men; challenging how menswear is perceived to the modern man.

Rashpal is also the head style writer for the Dapper Chapper, one of the UK’s leading lifestyle blogs.

With his experience, we were delighted to have Rashpal visit the factory and use his know for fashion to create his own Bespoke Footwear Design.

He took our iconic Tornado Silhouette developed in 1983 and transformed this into his suede burgundy interpretation.

We cannot wait to see what looks he goes for to pair together with his Bespoke Tornado’s.

Be sure to check out Style & Stylus for all Fashion Inspiration, Lifestyle and Grooming Tips:

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